Taejun Yun
1987년 서울출생, 서울에서 거주 및 활동
Born in 1987 Seoul, Korea. Lives and works in Seoul

2017  중앙대학교 일반대학원 순수사진전공 수료
2015  중앙대학교 사진학과 졸업
2017  M.A. course in Fine Art Photography, Chung-Ang University, Korea
2007  B.F.A in Fine Art Photography , College of Arts, Chung-Ang University, Korea

Solo Exhibitions

2021  Middleturn, Space xShift, Seoul, Korea
2018  Will We Live on Stone in the Future, Ilhyun Museum of Art, Eulji Space, Seoul, Korea
Be Silent About the Unspeakable, Encounter 2018- Daily Rations, Public Art Project, Mumbai, India
2016  The Weight of Regret, Alternative Space Noon, Suwon, Korea
Suwon Notice, Cabinet Seoul Sewunsanga, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibitions

2022  Spaceless, Swiss Embassy in Korea, Seoul, Korea
Where Are We Now?, Sungkok Art, Museum, Seoul, Korea
The boundary of Photography, Gwangju Museum of art Photography Exhibition hall, Gwangju, Korea
2021  Junge fotografische Positionen aus Deutschland und Südkorea, Goethe-institute, Seoul, Korea
End, after arrived, Sansu-ssari, Gwangju, Korea
VISIBLE VOICES, Centre for contemporary art laznia, Gdansk, Poland
Calling, D slash P, Seoul, Korea
2020  C2A Question, Can Foundation, Seoul, Korea
Clickscrollzoom, clickscrollzoom.com, Web
2019  Gap Time, Ilhyeon Museum of Art, Yangyang, Korea
Homegination, Space 22, Seoul, Korea
2018  'Seoul, Mumbai to New Delhi', KCCI, New Dehli, India
2017  ‘Community Art, Annyeonghaseyo’, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2016  'Universal Women_Jirisan Project 2016', Sil-Sang temple, Namwon, Korea
'Slices – On Time', Villa Romana, Florence, Italy
'New Generation – SIZAK', Laznia 2, Contemporary center for art, Gdansk, Poland
'Different Dimension', Photo Festival, Novosibirsk State Art Museum, Novosibirsk, Russia
'Open-end(ed)', Seohak-dong Sajinkwan, Jeon-ju, Korea
'Open Water-Ground', Project Space Cabinet_Seoul, Seunsanga, Seoul, Korea
'Memories Reinvented', Freud Museum, Saint-petersburg, Russia
2015  ‘Ilhyun Grant travel 2015’, Ilhyun Museum, Yangyang, Korea
‘PhotoIreland Festival – JIGEUM’, South Studio, Dublin, Ireland
‘Like a Blind Man Touches an Elephant’, Now-here, Seoul, Korea
2013  ‘The Texas project, The Texas project’, Seoul, Korea
‘UAMO Play time’, EINSTEIN KULTUR, M+nchen, Germany
2012  ‘UAMO Play time’, Artspace Ggul, Seoul, Korea


2020  Asian Culture Research Group, 2020 Asian Culture Forum, ACC, Gwangju, Korea
Creator Workshop AtoZ, Can Foundation, Seoul, Korea
Cureto-Realism ver.2, Exhibition Planning <Piercing Through the Gap>, Gwangju Cultural Foundation, Gwangju, Korea
GQ Magazine, Item feature section, Issue 26, Doosan Magazine
The-Scrap, Happy Together, 24, Wangsan-ro 9-gil, Dongdaemun-gu, Korea
2019  House called Hanok, Public Art Project, Cooperation National Trust-Remark Press, Seoul, Korea
2016-18   'Cabinet Seoul_Sewunsanga', Artist running space, Seoul, Korea
2018   'Encounter 2018 - Daily Rations (Public Art Project)', Mumbai, India
2017   Will We Live on Stone in the Future?, Cabinet Seoul Sewunsanga, Seoul, Korea
2016   'The-Scrap, Dongdaemun-gu', Wangsan 9 street 24, Korea
'UE8 Seoul ArtBook Fair', Ilmin Museum, Korea
'Open Water-Ground', Project Space Cabinet_Seoul, Seunsanga, Seoul, Korea


2015  Ilhyun Grant Travel 2015, Ilhyun Museum, Korea

Selection and collection

2020  Daily Exhibition through Support for New Artists, Seoul City Hall Cultural Headquarters Museum Division, Korea
2018  Ilhyeon Travel Grant 10th Anniversary Contest, Ilhyeon Museum of Art, Korea 2015 Ilhyeon Grant Travel 2015, Ilhyeon Museum of Art, Korea


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