Ari Kim
사진이 될만한 것들의 서재
Library of the things that deserve to be a photography, Artist Statement

"사진이 될만한 것들의 서재"는 정물 사진의 형식을 빌어 작업의 과정이 되는 오브제를 통해 다양한 이미지의 일람을 구성하는 작업이다. 디지털 편집을 이용한 이미지는 수집이라는 개념을 통해서 사진과 잡동사니 오브제간의 집적된 관계와 호응한다. 작업은 궁극적으로 사진과 수집에 관한 시각적인 동어반복의 과정이다.

Photography should have information and fantasy. Information means object and fantasy means photographer’s desire. I think people don’t know what they really want before they see it in reality. We can say what we want only after we actually find it. We can say that is what we have been waiting for. I want ‘good photography’. I thought about ‘good’ things. But meaning of ‘good’ is very subjective. I just wait for the moment to take a ‘good photography’ by going to galleries, looking for famous art works, reading books, and writing notes. Photography surely needs visible objects. I tried to find objects like exhibition leaflets, unused photo object i bought, my diaries, and notes. One day, I put a hot coffee on the table. Water droplet around the cup reminded me of my old memo. At that time, I’ve realized that the moment was very important. The moment is not classifiable. But this fascinating moment makes my experience to photography. I take pictures of ’library of the things that deserved to be a photography’; aphorism, essay, photography, book, memo, object for other work. The moment for short pleasure makes fantasy which can rethink and retell.