Youngdon Jung
개미 Ants, Artist Statement

다양한 인간들이 한 공간 안에서 만들어내는 운율. 고층 아파트 꼭대기에서 볼 수 있는 풍경이다. 높은 곳에서 바라본 인간들은 각자의 차림새와 보폭으로 움직이고 있다. 그런 그들의 움직임을 관찰하다 반복적인 패턴을 갖고 있음을 알게 되었다.

크게는 다양한 군중들의 모임과 흩어짐이 있고, 좀 더 세밀하게는 그 각자의 신체가 내뿜는 집중과 분산의 이미지가 있다. 그 이미지가 드러내는 것은 군중들의 삶과 몸체의 방향성이다. 그러나 물기가 사라지면 어딘가로 뿔뿔이 흩어지고 마는 흙처럼, 그들의 움직임도 하나의 분명한 윤곽으로 잡히지는 않는다.

찍는 순간 눈앞에서 사라져버리는 이미지들은 한 장의 사진 속에서 간신히 손에 쥔 흙덩어리처럼 뭉쳐져 있다. 사진이란 프레임이 사라진다면 이 이미지의 입자들은 금새 다른 곳으로 흩어져버릴 것이다. 그렇다면 저 이미지의 알갱이들은, 또 어느 곳에서 어떠한 이미지의 운율을 만들어 낼 것인가

The rhythm made by all different human beings in the same space. This is the scenery which we can see at the top of a high-rise apartment. Looking from there, people have different styles of walking and outfits. Watching the behaviors, I catch particular repetitive patterns from it.

There is gathering and scattering of diverse crowds. There is also an image of concentration and dispersion from their own bodies in detail. Those images show the people’s lives and the direction of their bodies. Like earth scatters when it gets dry, people’s movements are also hard to form a clear outline.

The images that disappear from our sight as soon as we take them are crumpled like a clod of dirt in our hands. If the frame called a photo disappears, the particles of this image will be scattered in all directions. Where will they make another rhythm of images, and in what sense?

의아한 산책 Wondering Wandering, Artist Statement

I lost my way home. Was it because I mistook the way or, because I didn’t know where I was. Although, I have been living in my home town over 10 years, I didn’t know that the geography of here and what was my desire in there. There is only sounds of gun, a bird’s wings, sweet cement powder and feelings of desolate mist. Looking back then, I couldn’t seize anything and just spent the time. However, unlike me everything has been changing as repeating banding and scattering with many events in a long time and it aims external perfect all the time. It suddenly occurs to me that I will live just one of the viewers or I will make my camera be stuck on it.

I have caught peoples, things on my 4x5 view camera with riding a bicycle and camping. I requested to peoples write down their story on the letter and to them draw the city’s shape seen from their eyes. Through wandering on the road with the unknown peoples and observing the surrounded landscapes, I wanted to understand the face of other forms of life and differences enter into a relation with each others in my home town with ambivalence. We trust familiarity of life but sometimes, we are embarrassed about its unfamiliar scenery. I hope those photographic image will bring up us to be filled with the questions about life.
Inner Color, Artist Statement

To participants
Write your name on gold, triangular board. Paint the backside with the colour of your choice. You can create your own colour by mixing black, cyan, magenta, yellow. It is aim to collect 105 pieces and build a dome shaped construction located in front CCA Łaźnia 2. The golden dome will hide in its insides 105 individually chosen colours. I would like to take a picture of every participant. Modified version of “Inner Colour” installation will be presented in the frames of “Miracle on the Lifeless Vistula” on 15th of August.

"Inner colour" is an interdisciplinary project consisting of installation, artistic and documentary interventions and a publication. It was created in collaboration with the 105 participants, whose names play an integral part in the installation. Gdańsk based legend "Dominic’s Fiancee" relating to the symbolism of colours as a reflection of human soul became the inspiration.

Aleksandra Ksiezopolska